A Message from the CEO

Chief Executive Officer – Robert Heyn

Business Directory


At the Academy, we believe that providing entrepreneurs with business support is just as important as training, which is why we create Academy Chapters.


On average, we have created over 50 chapters per year since 2016, with most of this growth taking place in Peru. We now have 300 chapters with 4,000 individuals attending each month.


In order to support this growth, we created the Business Success Portal as a chapter management tool and online community of entrepreneurs. This portal features a business directory where every chapter member has the opportunity to create a business profile for promoting their businesses and networking with other entrepreneurs at local, national, and international levels.


Anyone—including the general public—can locate and contact chapter members’ businesses through the directory. Give it a try! Visit https://academy-portal.com/directory-intro to find hundreds of chapter member businesses in the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Who knows, you might find a product or service that you’re interested in.




Robert Heyn

Chief Executive Officer