2017 – A Year in Review

Chief Executive Officer – Robert Heyn

2017 was an incredible year for the Academy.

Thanks to generous donations from our donors and the dedication of our staff, the Academy was able to achieve incredible things in fulfilling our mission to help members of the Church and others break the cycle of multi-generational poverty and become self-reliant.


Here are some of the year’s highlights:



1400+ graduates from the Academy’s training programs.
12,300+ graduates since the Academy’s beginning.



2500+ people on average attended chapter meetings each month.
43 new chapters in Peru alone.



500+ attended workshops and business conferences held during the Academy Awards.
300+ companies started by our graduates competed in the Academy Awards held in the Philippines, Peru and Mexico.


Rapid Expansion in Peru

During 2017, 43 new chapters were created in Peru. This was thanks to forming a strong relationship with the Church Self-Reliance Program in the country who invited us to form new chapters in many stakes and to donors who made hiring a greatly needed chapter coordinator possible.


Welcome Kim Gibson – Chief Impact Officer

During 2017 we hired Kim Gibson to be the Academy’s first-ever Chief Impact Officer. As Impact Officer, Kim’s main role is to communicate with donors and potential donors the impact that the Academy has in the lives of its graduates. Thanks to Kim’s work, we were able to raise sufficient funds to make necessary expansions to our Academy programs.


Looking forward, we are excited to work together in 2018 to help many break the cycle of poverty and become self-reliant.



Robert Heyn

Chief Executive Officer